Our CASA Family

Stefanie Savory
Program Director

Liz Conklin
Advocate Supervisor

JoAnne Salmonsen
Peer Coach

Betty Carroll
Peer Coach



Onondaga CASA runs on the power, passion, commitment, and determination of our volunteers.  We would like to THANK each and every one of our Advocate Volunteers, Board of Directors and Community Supporters!  


So rewarding being able to help speak in the best interest of a child. I truly enjoy being apart of CASA!

- Asia Taylor, Onondaga CASA Volunteer

  Jennifer Blowers 
Monique Buissereth
Kimberly Carlson
Lisa Cayea
Richard Chapman
Lynn Dewine
  Sallyann Grillo
Toni Guidice
Amy Hess
Lynette Jozefczyk
Susan Krull
Phyllis Leach
  Tanya Lutz
Jane Stopher 
Asia Taylor
Cathleen Walter
Kelly Ward

Board of Directors

Michael Bristol
Darla Chase
Sarah Easterly
Linda Ervin
  Erin Gessini
Maggie James
Joyce Leinberger
Kimber Memory
  Carrie Penner
Scott Prietti 
Timothy Roulan, Esq.
Natasha Wilbur